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Just yackin'. by Leah Jean
It was a bright sunny day today ... which was good because it melted the remaining snow off of my driveway. Got about 5 inches yesterday. But it was real light and fluffy so it only took about a half hour to shovel what had fallen up till then off my driveway. And it was good it went quick because it was about 16 degrees outside. Brrrrr! I just love it when the inside of my nose turns brittle from freezing. Ugh.

Saw an interesting sight the other day. It was a full sized school bus that had "Student Drive" signs on it. You talk about giving somebody plenty of room to maneuver! I certainly didn't want to be near if that person made a mistake. But not likely because he or she was driving pretty slow. There were a few of those 30 MPH speed bumps on the road we were traveling on. This person took those things at about 1 MPH. I certainly wasn't going to give the driver a hard time about it though ... even though it is a bit of a pet peeve of mine when people do go really slow over those extra wide bumps. Figure that driver is going to have enough suffering in his/her life later when the regular job starts!

Talked to Cindy last night for a short time and she said that Tulsa got about 6 inches of snow. But, as usual, it was melting pretty quickly the next day since the temperatures were into the 40s. Fortunately Tulsa didn't get the really nasty weather that Oklahoma City did. I was relieved to hear that since I'd been hearing on the weather reports up here that a heavy storm was slated to go thru Oklahoma.

Didn't get to talk to Cindy too long though because she had a friend over trying to fix something on her house. But I got an update on her eye surgery from last Monday (5 days ago). She's been having trouble with her night vision for a while now so she had to have the surgery redone that she's had when she was 5. In fact, both Jeff and her have had the same problem ... where the muscles in one or both eyes don't hold the eyes aligned properly. I remember when Jeff had his redone about 30 years ago. So Cindy finally got hers redone on one eye ... and she's thankful that was all that was needed. And she said that it was now wonderful to drive at night! But she's still on pain medication though because the stitches on the side of her eye are still uncomfortable. Not to mention having to put in eye drop medication and moisturizers. So much for her doctor saying she'd only have discomfort for 3 days.

Well that's the latest. Ya'll take care!


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