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Where are you Grandma?! by Jackie Hensy
My first thought was actually to send this to you, Grandma, in an email, but I realized in changing my email address I don't have yours anymore. I'm up in my bunk bed with my phone on the ground and of course I am too lazy to climb down to get it, so I thought, what better way to reach you then on Rosenose? You check this thing religously! And what better place to share this then on here as well?

This is a friend of mine here at UT, he's actually one of my housemates next year. I was snooping around the internet and knew he was in this organization, Texas 4000, but I looked into it and watched his video and thought it was really incredible. It really inspired me and I wanted to help him with his cause by getting the word out. His name is Dyar, and this summer for two months he is riding his bike to Alaska for cancer research. He has a video on there and a short biography, and both of them are great.

Rosenose won't let me post the link but the website is "" and click on "the riders" then once again under that "riders" and he is under "the Rockies" column, the second name on there, "Dyar Bentz"


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