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Hi Jaclyn by Janell Rose
Hello Jaclyn Darling - have not known you spent time looking at RoseNose - leaving you a note just in case you check back - I read ALL the information on Dyer and he is quite impressive. The Video's were great. I continue to be impressed with your choice of friends. Of course, we believe this trip to raise funds for cancer is a very good cause and will be sending a donation to Dyer. Will talk with you later dear, I will send you a text in the next 2 - 3 days. Right now, I am still working on trying to get this house back together after the kitchen remodel. Spent the weekend and not done. I did hurt my back a little lifting all that flooring and having to take time to recoup.

Last Thursday, we brought in 47 boxes of flooring and put in the middle bedroom. So more and more is going on around here. I better get back to my work. By the way - the weather news shows CONWAY and Little Rock in the middle of a Snow Storm. Leah, it sure is not going to compare with yours - felt so sorry for you and this weather report said you have more snow on the way. We have been concerned about you and hope you are not having problems with heating? Also our news specifically mentioned Stillwater and Tulsa - so looks like our dear family in OK is also going to be in the middle of another snow storm. (We are having pouring rain.) I heard from my Aunt in Cushing, OK and she has been without power. Not easy for a lady in her 80's living alone. She does have family fairly close so know they will be taking care of her. This has been a rough winter everwhere. My Brother in Flagstaff said they have had over 90 inches of snow since Thanksgiving and had over 24 inches at one time in January. He has been on the roof shoveling snow. NOT Fun. All you dear family - take care and stay in out of the weather as much as you can. Love to All, JR and Janell


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