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No snow here by Sandra
Ah, another use for Rosenose. I like to see that someone, Jacky, found a use for it. :)
Wish more would do that. I sometimes wonder how many feet come here without leaving footprints.
Thanks, Jacky, and do it again sometime!

Leah, I've thought of you and all that snow. I'm sure it was beautiful, but you're probably saying "enough already", beautiful or not. We had a seven inch snow but it melted right away, and the one predicted over the weekend didn't materialize other than for a dusting. We might get snow showers later this week. After a while the weather forecasts are much like the little boy who cried wolf or even Obama. Maybe there's something to "trickle down" in thinking.

Jim and I watched the Super Bowl and were pulling for the Saints. I can tell you exactly how much I care for football just by telling you I pick the team with the best looking jerseys. I never fail to be amazed by how seriously people take a game of "grunting and dancing for dollars". Some of the ads were funny, but they only made me want some Doritos and Dr. Pepper. It cost me a trip to WalMart at halftime. Now, halftime is an even further amazement. The WHO? Perfect! "Who Dat?"

Today the sun is shining, and that's a real plus here. Hope you have sunshine, too! At least, it will melt snow.

Take care.



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