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It's snowing again. :-( by Leah Jean
Yep, I'm looking out my basement window and I can see flakes coming down fairly steady now. It is only supposed to be light snow this evening. But another blizzard like the last one starts tonight. Heard winds were going to be up to 50 mph and we may get another foot of snow! Oh, gag. I finally went to the grocery store today and you wouldn't believe the mountains of snow all around the roads! Glad I have an SUV so I could see over most of them at corners. The one at the end of my street though was so huge that I had to pull out into the street a little to see around it! And unfortunately, that's going to be the big problem later in the week; the road crews don't know where they are going to put the new snow coming down now. The roads are already packed along the edges. And in some places the plows didn't clear out all the lanes. The poor road crews are exhausted too.

And speaking of food, there could be a shortage around here because trucks can't get into our thru the areas. The same with gas. Some places like restaurants are reporting shortages. The grocery store I went too did have some items that were in short supply.

Hope the mailman made it thru today since I put some outgoing letters in the mailbox. I think he came Saturday but he sure didn't come Sunday or Monday. Most of the mailboxes were pretty buried. I don't think "blizzards" and are in their credo: "Neither rain, nor sleet, nor storm, nor dead of night will stay out appointed rounds." [... but forget it when you can't even find the stinkin' mailboxes!]

More places were open today but most government (federal and state) facilities such as schools, libraries, and agencies were definitely closed. I'm sure you all have been hearing about D.C. which is less than an hour (on a normal day) from my house. I've not gone to work Monday and Tuesday ... and I'm sure Wednesday will also be a down day. Wondering if any gov't facilities will be open Thurday. Doubt it.

Thanx for thinking of me, Sandy and Janell. I'm doing pretty good so far and the electricity is holding out. Woke up around 3:00 Saturday morning and noticed my alarm clock blinking. Got up and read for a little while and the electricity went off and on once again and I heard a transformer go "boom" in the distance. That made me a little nervous. Set the clock before going back to bed and it was blinking again when I got up. Let's just say that during the day I tried not to start anything that could stand an electrical disruption. Fortunately the electricity only went out one more time quickly. But heard that "boom" in the background again.

My back is finally starting to feel my snow removal (displacement?) efforts I've been doing for the last 4 days. But it has been great getting all the exercise. And the weather hasn't been all that bad. But then when you're shoveling snow you have a tendency to stay pretty warm. When the sun came out it was quite pleasant. Blinding ... but pleasant. :)

Finally, I forget to tell you all that I spoke to Mom and Dad (Judy and Hank) last Saturday. They both sounded good! I spoke to Cindy later that day and she said that Mom is definitely putting on weight. In fact Mom may be in danger of getting fat with the good food their retirement housing provides. Mom and Dad are spending more time enjoying the company of the other tennants along with the projects and entertainment too. Dad said that bingo cost them $5 each and Mom won hers back. Dad only made $2. If you want to call them, Dad tries to keep the phone in reach so he can answer it quickly. I noticed that when I visited them last time and he answered my last call pretty quickly. So anyone, feel free to call. [Jeff gave you all the # in his previous message.]

Lovin' it!


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