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SNOW!!!!!!! by Janell Rose
Hello Everyone - you won't believe this morning we got up about 7:00 and it was errily quiet. Looked out the window and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Like a winter wonderland. Leah, and Dear Family in OK/AR - I know you don't get this excited when you see Snow - but here in Irving - makes me almost feel like a kid again. AND that is saying something. There were such big flakes coming down - I remembered sitting at a desk one Sat. doing home work in Caney, Kansas and watching the snow fall so softly. Hard to keep your concentration. Talk about feeling in the middle of 3D.

We have about 5 inches and still coming down - however at 7:00 the power lines and trees had about 2" on them. It is heavy, wet snow and has now dropped off the lines and some of the trees even tho still snowing heavily. The outside temp was about 38 - so it has melted some as it is snowing. The weatherman said it will continue through the day and temps drop into the 20's so it is going to be ROUGH for people trying to go to work Friday Morn. and already today some schools were closed - so likely we will have a lot of closed schools tomorrow with all the ice. Makes me glad I am retired - thinking back to driving 39 years in Dallas area in the winter is not fun.

I am waiting to hear from Eileen - sent flowers to her classroom today for her Birthday. She is going to be surprised. I wanted to bake a cake, etc. and she says NO - she wants us to get together Saturday and go see Crazy. So guess will try to prod JR into getting out of the house. It should be warmer Sat. We did go to our Mall booth yesterday and straighten up - not been there since mid January. Things are really a mess when we stay away that long - but this remodeling kind of rearranged our routine. The contractor is done in the kitchen - now the rest is up to me. He told me to clean all our cabinets with Mineral Spirits or Paint Thinner and put a Gel Finish over the entire kitchen cabinets (including the new section he put in.) I will do so (as my Father always said, the Lord Willing and the creeks don't rise) in the Spring. JR did not want him to go ahead and put the Finish on as the fumes bother him. So he only put on the Sand/Seal and left for me to do the rest when I can open the windows and let in air. We have 47 boxes of flooring from COSTCO in our center bedroom waiting till about April. JR did not want the contractor putting down flooring in this cold weather - he had to go in and out the door too much - letting in drafts of cold air.

I better get back to my "chores" have a roast in the oven and still trying to get everything we pulled out of that kitchen back in place. Then, I need to clean this house as has not been done for 2 - 3 weeks with everything piled all over everywhere when we emptied the entire kitchen.

Everyone stay in and stay warm. STAY SAFE. Love to All, JR and Janell


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