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Snow by Mary
Hello Everyone out there in your Winter Wonderland!

Just heard on the news that the Dallas are has had up to 7 inches of snow. WOW! Tyler has had snow fluries off and on all day but nothing much in the streets. It does look very pretty on the bushes and trees.

Janell and Junior, hope you are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnell. You surely have had your share of projects these past months. Hope you get to set back and enjoy all your hard work soon.

Just heard on the news that Hilery, although Bill has just had surgery, is still scheduled to go to the Mid East tomorrow. Hope she will take time to look into the case of American Prisoners in Quatar.

Does anyone know when the saying "If the Good Lord is willing and the Creeks don't rise" originated? Lat month I learned that "The Creeks" refers to the Creek Indians who were on a rampage at the time when people started using this exprssion. So much for my wisdom for today.

Eileen, Happy Birthday...Celebrate Life! The rest of you precious family, cuddle up with a Loved One or more and stay warm. Much Love to all.


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