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Wasn't Rudolph on the Roof!!! by Janell Rose
Just to bring you up to date. Mary said she saw Dallas had 7" of snow. It is still coming down, it has snowed the entire day. Our weather man said we may get another couple inches - already over 8. Not much for some areas - but a LOT for Dallas area. Our power went off for nearly two hours this afternoon. Came on a couple times - then back off. JR said he walked down to the end of our block and a tree was split, fell across the street. On the way home from school this afternoon, Eileen got to the little road to their house and found traffic backed up - Tree broken across the road from a neighbor's house and a tree was split in the yard of their little rent house. It looked like their tree was going to break and also fall across the street. (This little house is their original 2 bedroom house they bought when first married.) The power company was cutting the tree across the road and discussing cutting their tree. She did not know if they went ahead and cut or not as she was holding up cars trying to get up their little hill. All the cars were backing up and down getting a run at the hill. Our temps are dropping into the 20's tonight - so NO ONE will be getting up the hill in the morning. Before Eileen left her school this afternoon, the Teachers were told No School tomorrow. It is going to be a real mess Friday morning. Last Tuesday we had a 16 car pile up on I-20 with just little patches of ice. Wish everyone would stay home till after noon Friday.

We have Direct TV and not been able to get any reception the past 10 - 12 hours. I cooked a roast/etc. today - the left-over heat from the oven helped when the power went off. After we ate, I was cleaning up the kitchen - Andy and I heard a lot of racket on the roof. IT was NOT Rudolph. Could not believe JR was up there with a snow shovel. He cleaned off the Direct TV Dish and then took the shovel and pushed a lot of the snow off the roof. I could not believe it - I was out there yelling at him to get off the roof before he fell. Of course he could not hear me. I repeat everything I say with him just across the room from me. I was getting frantic when he finally came over close to the edge and nearly dumped snow all over me. Then he finally came down. Now he is sitting snugly in his chair listening to O'Reilly. I think he could have done without O'Reilly one night.

Take care Dear Family and Stay Warm. Love, JR and Janell


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