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ENUFF ALREADY by Janell Rose
Just reporting in - this is going to be very short. I head our coffee pot beep and I am going to go pour our first decent cup of coffee since yesterday. We wound up with 11 - 12 inches of snow and power outage for 12 hours. Last night in middle of night our alarm system started beeping. It does that when the power goes out - it was 2:45 A.M. Just came back on at 2:50P.M. A 12 hour power outage. We really can not complain after listening to the stories from OK. Trees are broken everywhere. Still have to say it was BEAUTIFUL. I stood at the kitchen window in the dark last night and looked out at a fairy land. Everyone of JR's shrubs, etc. were mounds of white and the yard looked like it was illuminated. I actually went outside and tried to take a picture in the dark - but could not capture the beauty. Hope this weather has moved on for a while. We have had enough. Love to all. JR and Janell


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