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Snow by Jeff Tankersley
Janell, it sounds like you guys are having quite a time down there. The snow and cold weather is really getting around and wreaking havoc on those not accustomed to it. Tulsa evidently was spared this time, Cindy said that they got no snow, it was all south of them. As much trouble and work as it causes, you're right that it is truly beautiful to see covering everything, especially at night with the lights reflecting off of it. I'm sure that there are those who would point at such weather as evidence against the global warming scientists, but you have to look at a bigger picture. We would love to have a ten inch snowfall! An hour ago it was snowing hard here and we were celebrating, but alas, it was short-lived. You have asked me if we were getting hammered like your brother in Flagstaff- no. Our winter has been quite dry and warm. Our snowpack in the Rockies is at about 80% of average, which does not bode well for the rivers and lakes downstream from us (Nevada, Arizona, and California). The skiing is not terrible, but it's not great by any means. We just keep our fingers crossed that the snow will come eventually.
Junior going onto the roof to clear the satelite dish (just to see O'Reilly?), well I'm glad that he feels up to that sort of adventure, but I do hope he doesn't fall off. You guys sure do keep yourselves busy.
Leah, as far as your weather, I don't know what to say. That is some impressive snow accumulation!
Jodi and I were considering a quick trip to the Bahamas/ south Florida, but we nixed that idea because the weather is not warm enough there right now. Maybe later in the spring.

Hopr everyone can stay warm and dry,
love, Jeff


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