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Are we havin' fun yet? by Leah Jean
Janell, I just had to laugh (lovingly) at your problems. Jr. back up on the roof again! I am tempted to do the same thing because my roof is still covered in fairly deep snow. But I would probably end up "skiing" down it and cracking something on the ground below. I haven't fallen yet but there will be plenty of opportunities in the future. This snow will be melting slowly for some time and creating more ice when it freezes at night. Sounds like the country is getting hit all over with amazing snows!

Hey Jeff, bring your skiers over here. We've got snow to spare and it will be around for a while too. The mountains around here are usually low on snow. But not this year. The temperature highs are staying in the low 30s so not much has melted either. Maryland is usually supposed to get into the 40s during this time of the year.

Finally got back to work on Friday but the parking lots have some seriously large piles in them. Most places were closed until Friday ... but even then buildings such as school were still closed. Driving is tricky because the plowers didn't stay in their proper lanes and sometimes only left enough room for cars to snuggly past each other. You have to make a concerted effort to turn off your "auto pilot" driving habits because following the "lanes" on some roads can get you into trouble fast. At least the main roads are pretty clear.

But you're right, Janell, it sure does look awfully pretty at night.

Oh, and I hope everybody caught the opening to the Olympics. It was awesome!



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