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All State by Janell Rose
Julie, Thank you for the information regarding John, he is always in thoughts and prayers. We hope this is the year we are going to see him return to the US. How proud John must be of Nick, Margaret and Thomas. They have been through so much and yet appear to be surpassing all expectations. They have been so blessed to have You, John and Sybil to support them. So proud of Thomas going to State.

Speaking of Blessings - I think this is a good time for us to say that JR and I have been truly blessed the last year or so to spend very precious time with Sandy, Jim, James, Courtney, Stacia and Zoe (hve missed Todd - who like Paul is always working.) There are no words to say how much we have appreciated having them visit us on Sandy's trips to Dallas. The only thing we would take from those vists is the reason Sandy has had to come. Having been in Irving so many years away from family members except our reunions - it has truly been a blessing to "get to know" their wonderful family. Of course we saw James and Stacia through the years - but most of that time they were Teenagers that we said "Hi" to and then they were off with the cousins. Its been a treasure to share their unique personalites and Eileen said it has been a wonderful experience for her whole family. ZOE HAS BEEN THE ICING ON THE CAKE.

NOT - to forget one of Sandy's trips helped to get together a wonderful reunion last Fall. I think we should plan another "when the weather is warm" and we can use the back yard like the terrific time we had in the Tankersley's lovely back yard.

Love to all this wonderful family. JR and Janell

OH - by the way, the weatherman is forecasting snow again next Tuesday. I am not sure this is Texas any longer. Jeff, would gladly send it your way.


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