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Happy Easter by Janell Rose
Today - Just want to take a moment on this Blessed Day to say Happy Easter and pray all is well with each of you. It is a very quiet Easter for us - we have talked with all our family but decided to stay home as we have a lot coming up next week.

JR and I are in a really big mess - I think right now if a Guest were to ring our door bell - I would go into shock. The house is totally piled and only getting more so. The contractor will be here in the morning to start putting down floor in 5 rooms/hallway. (3 bedrooms, hall, Living and Dining Room.) He will be here the entire week next week and part of the following week. I have had to pack everything except large pieces of furniture - I think my stacks are "growing" as I am packing. I hope to have a garage sale on the 10th if weather permits - I have priced as I packed boxes and will never be better organized to do so than I will be end of next week. Plus with the contractor here - I am not going to be able to do much around the house. This has been such a big undertaking - almost sorry we started - but it will be nice and easier for an "ole lady" to clean when done. We are having the Vinyl Wood flooring installed - called 'hand scrapped antique hickory." Bought at Costco and supposed to have a 35 year warranty. What remained of our carpets had been down 27 years - we had water from the hot water heater break last fall run as far as 6 ft. under the front bedroom carpet. We dried them out and waited for warm weather to start this flooring mess.

On a happy note - Spring has really come to TX - the WHITE Trees - Pear and others - have already bloomed and now in full leaf. Across the street we have the most beautiful view of a large weeping Wisteria Bush and another across the alley from us. Makes me wish we had planted one a few years ago. Instead - I planted Lady Bankston Roses with long sweeping boughs that spread all over everywhere and JR took them out. They were beautiful - but need a LOT of room which we do not have. JR has tomato plants almost ready to bloom - he started seeds during the cold weather and had 33 plants from all his little seeds - he has been passing out pots of tomatoes to neighbors - beautiful plants larger than you see at most of the nurseries. If you lived close - he would give you a tomato plant. Plus for the first time he has planted a Topsy Turvy Tomato as a neighbor gave him the hanging apparatus - then he took a Sam's Soap Bucket and made him another one. Will be interesting to see how these turn out. It is so wonderful to see Spring come and can not believe only 3 weeks ago we had our last little snow with 3 - 4 inches. I know a lot of our dear family would not think we had much winter but it was the worst in 22 years which included our record one day snow of 12.5 inches with power off for 12 hours. The city of Dallas is still picking up tree limbs - news said the broken trees would fill a football field with debri 6 ft. high. PLUS - it is pothole city - Trucks are rapidly filling potholes - sure are jarring when you hit one. Cities that have cold snowy weather all the time must use a different kind of road material in order to prevent all these terrible potholes.

Two weeks ago Caty, Jaclyn and a couple of their friends were home from college for Spring Break - Eileen had the same week of Spring break - Eileen, her neighbor and the whole group cane by to pick me up (JR would not go with all those women) we went to see "Dallas Blooms" - the Dallas Arboretum is one of the largest in the US - it used to be the DeGolyer Estate - is located on White Rock Lake. The whole area was breathtaking with all the Spring Flowers and trees in bloom. There is much to love in all Seasons but Spring always brings special memories - I remember walking with my Grandmother as a little girl in the woods near her house and seeing the tiny violets and trips to Christie walking with MOM. Happy Memories, Happy Easter - Love you ALL. JR and Janell


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