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Weather by Russ and Carolyn Benton
We heard the news about the horrible weather in Oklahoma and were wondering if all the wonderful Rose family members were o.k. We heard that thousands of people are out of electricity and that a new round of storms are expected today. We in Arkansas have had our share of tornadoes lately. Saturday before last, Russ and I spent most of the afternoon in our basement with reports of tornadoes overhead. We are thankful that none of the Bentons were injured or had property damage.

However, one of the Benton's, Linda, is recovering from a car accident which happened about three weeks ago. She had picked up her grandsons from school and was on her way home. A young man traveling in the opposite direction began crossing the lanes of traffic. Linda realized that he was headed toward them and she pulled over into the outer lane. He still did not change his path and drove right into Linda's vehicle. Both airbags were deployed in the front and Linda took the brunt of the impact. She has a broken ankle and is extremely "bunged" up. She went to the dentist yesterday and learned that she has some damage in her mouth as well from the accident. She is a loving grandmother because her first thought was whether the grandsons were alright (which they were). Joe has impressed me with what a good nurse he has become.

Just a little chatty news about Russ and I, we have planted a garden and are trying to keep up with the mowing. We have had several good showers and the grass is loving it. We have a herd of deer (sometimes as many as twelve), that are loving my garden, my strawberries, grapes, hostas, you name it. I am strongly thinking about getting a dog or maybe a whole pack of dogs to keep the deer out of my "things". They have a lot of foliage in the woods but they seem to like our plants better. (I guess I can't really complain though because Russ feeds them corn. What else could I expect?)

We hope everyone is doing well and it would be really great to see everyone again. Keep your ears tuned to the weather and stay safe. We love you all.

Russ and Carolyn


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