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Of weather and gardens by Leah Jean
No one in my immediately family seems to have been affected by the bad weather in Oklahoma. Maryland has been having the usual erratic Spring weather too. But then we rarely have a tornado touch down. Talked to Cindy a few days ago and she's doing fine. Talked to Mom and Dad on Mother's Day and they are doing pretty good. They both took turns talking to me on the phone. As you already heard from Jeff they had moved into an assisted living facility. Their apartment is smaller then the last one but the staff there helps take care of both of them and keeps Mom and Dad busy with all kinds of activities. Dad especially likes the weekly trip to Walmart. Because of his advanced Parkinson's he gets to use one of the little motorized carts to get around and I'm sure he really enjoys that. Julie and Sybil had also just made a visit to them at their new location last weekend. That was so sweet of them.

Yes, gardens and deer simply don't mix. When I moved into this 50+ year old house I inherited a front garden full of hostas. They sure look pretty at the beginning of the year. But in about a month or two the deer will chomp them down to nubs. [Sigh.] I think that the only reason they don't attack them early on is because I have a lawn service that puts pesticides and growth stuff on my grass. That seems to keep the deer away for awhile. They used to like to graze on my yard quite a bit also before I started the lawn service. And I just loved the little deposits the deer were always leaving. Haven't seen any deer lately though or their little deposits. Wondering if the new retirement village going in fairly close by (tearing up of a forested area) has chased them pretty much out around here.

Fortunately I've been negotiating with a landscaper and he will be taking all of the old plants out of the front gardens. In fact he will be "recycling" quite a few of the plants since he also has his own nursery. He really wanted a few of the bigger plants. I'm more then happy for them to be reused. He will also clean up and widen the front garden so it will be ready for planting. And I am usually careful to only pick plants deer don't like. The nursery I go to has sheets available that give plants "deer munchie ratings" which come in really handy. But those rating don't mean nothin' when we have a bad winter. Then the deer will eat just about anything they can chew.

But enough of gardening because I just went thru a marathon 5 days of gardening and have strained my back and fingers a big too much. Went out yesterday and did some more weeding but realized that my back is getting kind of sore. Time to start eating bananas and take it easy. Don't want any back spasms! But then I have a lot of indoor stuff to do.

Got another contractor coming in to take a second look at my kitchen before he starts work. I've been slowly fixing things up in this old house. It is kind of nice looking but has a lot of flaws. Already had the basement finished and the front foyer redone. Now I've contracted to get the kitchen widened and improved. It was so tiny before with very little cabinet space. Already had an unnecessary door to the outside closed off. So now I'm having a wall pushed out into the living room some and having more cabinets, more counter top space, a pantry, and new counter tops (granite of course) put in. Janell, guess you know all about kitchen redos. Can't wait for all the mess to filter thru out the house (cough, cough) ... and having health issues from eating out a lot. Hopefully it won't take too long. But the results should be a kitchen I can really move around in and having places to put all my stuff! [Currently some of my stuff resides on the floor.] Also I can finally get around to painting those "lovely" pink walls. The woman who owned this house before me just loved pink. [Ugh.]



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