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Summer is here! by Jeff Tankersley
Is anyone still out there? Our spring was cool and wet to begin with, actually pretty average, but then a couple of weeks ago the temperatures began to soar and now we are watching the rivers running at record high levels, with minor flooding going on. The snowpack is melting so fast that the Bureau of Land Management is having problems coping with the runoff into reservoirs, having to release more water than they would like to, increasing the flows in the rivers and causing other problems. Oh well, they say the snow will all be gone soon, so then the problem will be that the forests will dry out and become a fire hazard. But hey, the weather has been beautiful for this early in the summer.
Jodi and I have had new neighbors this spring. A momma (or maybe two)fox has set up housekeeping
directly across the street from us with her eleven or twelve pups (kits is the proper term). They have been a blast to watch out playing, just like little puppies rolling around and wrestling with each other. Really cute. Their home is a hundred year old barn, that they live underneath. We can watch them from our front windows, with binoculars you can see the expressions on their faces, and it is hard to not love them since they're so pretty. They are getting larger now, and some of the neighbors are concerned for the wellfare of their pets, especially the cat owners. I had not been too concerned for Taz Marie's safety(our little Maltese dog), until the other day. Taz had started barking wildly and ran out the doggie door into her fenced yard, in the middle of the day, and so I went to the window to see what the commotion was all about. There in the yard, about thirty feet outside her fence, was daddy fox, about the same size as Taz, just standing there staring at her, occasionally taking a small step towards her. When I saw what was going on, I figured that I had better intervene, before something ugly took place. I stepped out the back door and the fox glanced at me and then went right back to what he had been doing- staring at Taz and slowly advancing. It took me climbing over the fence and heading in his direction to finally get him to trot away, but the whole experience was a little unnerving. For such pretty animals they really are rather nasty little critters, we had just hoped that they would eat all of the chipmunks and field mice , we see them all the time carrying them home to pups, but we are worried that they will look for better eats if they have the opportunity.
All else is going well here, I am not as busy as in the past, but that is OK. More time to waterski and play golf! And ride bicycles! And work in the yard!
Hope all are doing well,
Love to all-


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