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Facinating by Janell Rose
Julie, PLEASE keep writing - your message was so facinating. What an adventure. I just flipped over to RoseNose for a minute before heading for bed. I am really beat tonight. Went with Paul and Eileen to Austin Wed. to help get Jaclyn moved for Fall Semester to a house. Paul had a business appointment so he took his truck with U-Haul and came back home. I stayed with Eileen - we cleaned a part of Jaclyn's "house" as she calls it. She is now moved into a house in Austin with 4 other students for Fall Semester at UT. She is finishing her Summer Session Arch. Class today - will move all the "stuff" from the Arch. Studio to the new place Sat. and then head back to Keller just in time to see Caty before she leaves on Monday to return to Conway. Jaclyn will be home only 4 - 5 days and then back to Austin for Fall Semester. Eileen's school starts Monday - so everyone back to school at same time.

I am really tired tonight - getting too old for all those "steps" in that house. Sure glad we don't have stairs - we would have to be moving as can not manage them any longer. Will try to get around and write later - no energy left tonight. Did want to tell Julie it is wonderful to know she can visit John and hope she has success getting him back to the U.S. Best Wishes to ALL the family - hope it is cooler in your area - it is plenty HOT in TX.


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