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Spam by Sandra
Spam...Grrrr!!! Wish I didn't know that word except for the canned meat item!

James, I have been deleting two or three here and there when I check Rosenose, but today (Sunday) I've already deleted six.....all pertaining to cars.

While I'm here, hello to everyone! The best news of the day is it is raining at the moment. We so desperately need it and just wish we could have the excess that Texas is getting and spare them too much. Maybe we can look forward to cooler temps and my tomatoes will stop "stewing" on the vine. Oh, but the tomatoes right now look awful. The vines are in such bad condition from the heat that I may not make it to "the bitter end" with the last green tomato ripening. Lots of green ones still but little vine. Gardening has its itches, and the best "itch" is to now get ready to plant for fall. I salivate thinking about having all those wonderful lettuces and greens! Aren't you envious? I promise if you ever try it, you will be hooked. Safeway is not the safe way...or the flavor!

Judy and Hank, I enjoyed our visit so much. Like I said, I didn't intend to stay so long but you're both so much enjoyment to visit with. Wish we all "lived across the street".

It's wonderful that John Wesley is able to write and be written to directly. Do write to him when you can. Show him all of our support, even if it's just a "hi" or a card. It matters. I would be thrilled with a note from him, but, I don't expect one. I'm just so glad he can communicate with Sybil, Julie and his family.

Stay cool!

Love to all,


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