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Just lovin' it! by Leah Jean

Okay, Jenell, your story can certainly compete with Sandra's for being down-right funny! I'm gonna be grinning for awhile after that one too!

Just got off the phone with Mom and Dad (Judy and Hank) and they both sounded fine. They are moving to a new assisted living residence on Labor Day weekend. Apparently when Jeff was in town he found a new place for them to live so they won't be so far outside of town. Wish I could be there to help them move. But like Mom said, she'd rather have me around to talk to and not help with packing or moving when I visit. Can't argue with that. :) Plus I just got thru planting more stuff in my newly created garden area in front of the house so my back is tired! Those mulch bags are big and heeeeeeeavy! Got most of the major plants in now so the big plot of dirt looks a whole lot better now. Now just waiting for everything to GROW! ;)

Talked to Cindy last weekend. Julia has moved back in with her and gotten some kind of govt job. But Julia will still be taking some kind of courses. She is such a smart young woman.

Sorry to hear about all the hot weather you guys in the mid-West are getting ... especially those of your in Texas. At least our 100+ weather has finally gone away and we are back to amore normal high 80s to low 90s again. Thought I was going to loose a few of my new plants due to the heat. Still waiting to see if my Japanese Maple makes it.

Take care and stay coooool,


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