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Just checking in by Sandra
Ah, the weather has changed and I can hardly stand being indoors right now. I would like to be outside puttering in the plants, but I'm a little nervous after having a little snake saunter across the patio yesterday while James, Griffin and I were sitting out there. I dug out the book to try to identify him but James and I had to guess it was a garter snake. After he and Griffin left I went out to turn on the faucet and there he was, in all his splendor, on the side of the house next to the faucet. I like the garter snakes and I hope I'm not protecting a pit viper! So long as he stays hidden I'm happy.

Oh, solitude! Jim is on a nine day birding adventure and I can sing and dance with no one watching. Retirement is for the birds (pardon the pun). Of course, there are aspects of retirement that are really nice, but after so many years of my days to myself, it is a real adjustment having another warm body in the house most days, other than the cats who ignore my singing.

Last week ZoE was here for four nights. With all of her activities, we haven't managed to get to the "five nights" that she keeps asking for. I'm proud of my four year old grandaughter. She already understands men. At one point she came into the kitchen and said, "Nanzy, Andad won't follow my instructions!". Now, that's a wise little girl.

Recently Jeff Tankersley was in Tulsa and brought Judy and Hank over for lunch. What a treat! It was so nice to see the three of them. I had not seen Judy and Hank for some time. Now that I feel a little more confident about driving myself to Tulsa, I am planning to continue to feel good and be able to see them more often when they are settled back in south Tulsa.

I saw my oncologist on Monday, and unless my blood workup shows changes, I will not be seeing her again until October. She calls me a miracle and makes me feel good, but this "miracle" is not without apprehension sometimes. I have not had any scans since early April, but in October she will order a CT and PET. Still no solution to the mouth problems, but I'm not complaining.

Our trip to DC and NY was absolutely wonderful. No hitches, just fun. ZoE and Griffin were great little travelers. In DC we stayed just a few blocks from the Whitehouse. "O" was not around. I couldn't help but wonder what it is like to live in a white house with a sniper positioned on the roof at all times (wonder if he shoots "snakes"). With Stacia and James having made a number of reservations beforehand, we avoided long lines and breezed right along. Being with my family, enjoying the sights and having great food made me not mind the blisters on my feet.

That's about it for me. Hope everyone is well and enjoying great days! Just love to hear from any and all of you.

Take care.
Much, much love,


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