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Sandra's great note by Julie V
Sandra,enjoyed your note, it was wonderful hearing about your family and health and fun, fun trip. I check rosenose all the time and always love it when someone leaves a little tidbit. I will print out some notes for John Wesley--he will love them.

I have decided to stay in Doha another month since John V and Ma are doing such a great job with the kids and animals and everything. Ramadan has put a hamper on visits to the jail so I'm looking forward to seeing the end of it--makes people crazy, even worse than usual. Starve these people down for 14 hours then put them behind a wheel and see how fast they can make it to the dinner party! I make sure I'm home before dark!

Enjoying my little job in Majdalany's office, actually learning quite a lot when there is work to do. Nancy, the English speaking Indian I assist, is careful, repetitive--a good teacher. She is starting to trust me--let's me run the stapler sometimes or fold a letter! I can understand--a female Indian worker in this country--not much forgivness from the "boss".

Have a great day and enjoy summer before it's over.


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