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East Texas Roses by Ange
We enjoyed some cooler weather last week but before that we were either in the AC or out by Linda's pool with the boys. August was a tough month in Texas!

William Asa started kindergarten yesterday but I didn't get to talk to him last night - I know he was probably bombarded with phone calls and probably screening his calls by the time I called! :( He attends the Cumberland Academy which is the first Charter school in Texas. It opened in 1998 and Asa has the luxury of going to their brand new school. They had to delay school starting for a week so they could complete the construction of the school. I hear it is very nice and can't wait to get to go visit. It is a public school but provides many advantages to the student body that regular public school does not. We are fortunate that he has the opportunity to go to Cumberland.

Steven moved to Austin a couple of months ago and rooms with Philip and two other room mates in a big house in south Austin. They work and, of course, are in a band. They stay very busy doing shows and seem to be having the time of their life!

Sara moved to Denton and is just starting at University of North Texas. Glen and Charlotte have an empty nest now and I know they are going to really miss her. I am guessing she will come home often!

Little Everett is nearly two and is just a little doll. Y'all need to come make a visit to Tyler if only to see him! He is starting to really talk and he just goes around mocking everyone. He is very fond of Judy, nana and baloons so we hear those words a lot!!! He also calls mom Duckie and he sounds so sweet when he says that. He is just a bundle of fun!

The rest of us are just working and haven't been up to anything exciting that I can think of! I better run and get back at it. Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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