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WELCOME by Janell Rose
i should be going to bed as just after midnight - but have been busy working on "stuff" for the mall since it was Labor Day Weekend - I worked at the Mall yesterday 5 1/2 hours and we were terribly busy. Now - trying to get ready for Grapefest on Sept. 16, 17, 18 and 19. I have not seen many details on who headline performers are going to be this year. I will try to post something later. JR and I will have to work one day and it will be frantic, between 275,000 and 300,000 attend over the 4 days. (The way this works is - I work in the mall and JR strolls up and down the streets among all the people - snacking, watching the entertainment and the people - SOME of the people are really something to watch - last year, JR did bring me a Hotdog and Coke while I was working.) If anyone is interested in coming to Grapefest - we have 3 extra bedrooms. AND while extending an invitation to Grapefest - also want to let family know if you are interested in going to SUPER BOWL next Feb. You are welcome to come stay with us. Our house is not Gaylord Texan or Great Wolfe Lodge - but we would try to make you comfortable and lodging is going to be VERY SCARCE for the Super Bowl. JR and I are already seeing signs stuck up on streets advertising their homes for Super Bowl. Plus people are running advertising in Dallas Morning News to rent their homes - NO WAY would we consider such a thing. Can you imagine turning over your house for a Super Bowl Party to strangers? We are serious tho - any family members wanting to go to the Super Bowl - we have 3 extra bedrooms you are welcome to use. OK Bedtime. Tomorrow is Labor Day and I think going to be a REST day for JR and I. Hope All the Family is enjoying nice weather - after a TERRIBLE HOT DRY summer - we are sure enjoying this week and the weather man said we may have rain Tuesday and Wednesday. Love to all. JR and Janell


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