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Off to the Jail Again by Julie
Good morning. Just had oatmeal, blueberries, brown sugar and milk--delicious! Everyone has their favorite grocery store and I find wonderful things at each one, they are so different--products from France, Britain, Lebanon, Africa, Pakistan, etc. Most salad stuff I buy is from America--at least I know what's on it and what kind of death it will cause! Enjoying heavenly peaches and pomegranates.

It's Sat morning and I am waiting for Maj again, dry run to the jail yesterday, the place was busy, crawling with men in white--men only. I don't know if today is women, or families, or what, but when Maj says we are going to the jail, we go to the jail. He seems to enjoy it and I'm sure he enjoys talking to John Wesley, loves to practice his French! He supplied me with about 25 magazines, most in French and several in English (nothing that we send to John Wesley) Good ones like Bloomberg--they will last a long time. I'm going to find out what John Wesley needs for the winter in the way of clothing, bedding, and food items they will let him have.

The Scottish couple took me out for lunch yesterday, buffet at the Marriott overlooking the Gulf. It was beautiful, the food was impressive, and there was a constant stream of people of all nationalities--quite an experience, like a fashion show, hundreds of young, beautifully dressed families. After 3 hours of grazing (and trying not to think about the gluttony and the hungry people in this world) we went shopping at yet another huge beautiful mall. Then back to their flat to rest. It is a lovely spacious apartment in a nice area. Margaret brought out her collection of jewelry--"just the real stuff". Looked like a miniature Princess Di vault! She can't wear the stuff in Scotland because of crime (and probably no place to go there!!)

...Back from the jail with Maj and Glen. Women and children only today-- Maj was pretty indignant when they wouldn't let him in--he is going to complain to the Minister of Interior and report the 2 guards (poor guys) Glen and Maj drove around while I went in so they were nice and cool. The visit was OK but through glass and I could hardly hear John Wesley with the crying babies in my room. He is waiting to confirm a day and time for a face to face visit, maybe tomorrow. I believe the Chinese doctor has been moved out of his cell so probably impossible to set up visits at the same time now and catch a ride with his family, so I may have to use a taxi tomorrow. I know it will be costly but my expenses are pretty low and it is certainly less then renting a car.

I talked to John Wesley about co-authoring his book with him! He likes the idea of opening it with the judges reading the sentence. He wants me to try to find a tiny chip for the computer, get it to him, and he can start writing when the library opens next week, and sneak it back out to me. I'm so excited. If Roxanna has enough material for a book, we certainly do! She is speaking in Doha this month about her book.

Sunday am

John Wesley will be disappointed that that Marg and Toms aren't home this weekend to call him but he will love the emails--when I can get them to him. I told him about sweet Tom's little note!! I sure enjoyed hearing about everyone's classes! Have you received any texts from him? He hasn't seen any replies. He only has a minute to check before the phone is gone--I think he uses a different one each time. I bought several phone cards for him so he can make some deals.

Yesterday afternoon Euin and Margaret picked me up again and we roamed around the Pearl, feeling thousand dollar shoes, admiring yachts, Rolls Royces and drinking cappuccinos. What a contrast going from the jail to the Pearl. We had Syrian food for dinner--it was yummy. Then, of course, a walk around Villagios. Margaret had to show me where she got her bag, Dior's. I stroked Chinchilla wraps, tried on diamonds at Cartiers--not quite the flavor of 5th Ave, but still pretty exciting! I ended up buying a magazine which was double the price at home--last of the big spenders!

I am so ready to stay home for a day. Mr. Maj invited me to go to the Sheriton, swimming with his family this evening, I tried to signal "no" to Glen, but we will see if Maj insists. I'm sure it would be interesting but I bet his kids would not be thrilled. Sounds like they have arrived from Torronto and San Francisco to "take care of dad and his money". Glen is a terrible gossip when Maj is not around! Maj has a flat in London and one in Paris, and he rests there for a couple of days when traveling to the states. One of the lawyers at work put it like this--"he is old and if he wants to use his money like toilet paper, why stop him?"

I told John Wesley yesterday that I think Mana Nasser avoids me at the office and the girls always tell me he's not there. It makes me a little embarrassed but John Wesley said they probably think we are angry at him and I should seek him out and thank him for all of his hard work. If he is in the office next week I am going to do that. I know he worked closely with Nick during the trial and appeal and was probably as disappointed as we were with the outcome.

John Wesley said that no one was surprised at the judgment but were certain there would be a great reduction in the sentence at the appeal. When Nasser saw that the panel of 3 judges were reading from a FAX Nasser groaned and said it looked bad, "no change in sentence"--he said the judges wouldn't even look him in the eye.

Hope everyone has a great week, study hard! Sure could use notes from my kids-Jen and pup! Love you guys!


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