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Fall, Dog and Cypress by Janell Rose
On 9/27, we got up to wondeful cool weather which has continued though this week. SO GLAD after the terrible hot, dry summer we had, this is a real blessing. EXCEPT for the huge cypress tree that is right beside our deck - about 10 feet from our back door. 6 years ago we brought home a very busy little 4 legged friend - he grew long curly hair that is just perfect for picking up all the little cypress leaves or whatever you call those things. They fall off in little feather like spirals - are tracked in the house and then they shatter all apart. Andy comes in looking like a bristle pad. He is tired of me meeting him at the door with his wire brush. The fall after ANDY arrived - Eileen was here one day to see the mess - said she would either get rid of a tree or a dog. The tree now has grown another 15 feet and the dog is "family." To all the dog lovers out there - you know what I am talking about - Andy has JR and I trained - he has all these different "barks" and we are attuned to each one - feed me, walk me, let me in - on and on. We don't know what we would do without him but this time of year our little darling and the cypress tree are a real pain. The Cypress is falling early this year due to all the hot dry weather - the last hurricane brought us 9 inches of rain and brought down a lot of the mess - (wet cypress is really bad) if we could have one more good rain - would maybe take care of the rest. Complaining - "NO," I love vacumning everyday. Anyone have a big saw?

We have just had a wonderful week with Zachary - he spent a week with us while attending a 3 day Seminar - wish he could find a job in Dallas area. He has been trying to find a job in Austin.

Jaclyn will be on her way home from Austin this afternoon - UT has NO School on Friday before Texas/OU Game. These students can't afford to go to the game, but they have to be in Dallas - a big group of them get together at a friends house and watch the game. Jaclyn is a Soph. at UT and her boy friend is Soph at OU. They will be watching the game together with their friends.

JR has come inside, I hear him rattling around in the kitchen - so better head that way and fix breakfast. Hope everyone is well, enjoying beautiful Fall weather (without a cypress tree) Love to All, JR and Janell


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