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Yeah, I know .... by Leah Jean
Yes, Janell, I've been "absent" from Rosenose for awhile. No excuses. Just lazy?

Really enjoying the brisk clear Fall weather out here in Maryland. Wonderful for getting out in the yard to work. [And really enjoyed your message about the dog picking up all the yard's bits and pieces.] It kind of ... strangely ... the little "dog" that was in the movie "Dispicable Me". He was the funniest little character. Maybe not so cute and sweet but I just loved the way he was drawn and behaved. Really enjoyed the movie in general too. One of the few that was put out this year that I have really enjoyed. Kind of a dry movie season, probably due to the writers' strike last year. [It was last year?]

Been really working on the yard. After the landscapers put in a new patio I had a lot of damage to repair from their big old trucks going into the back yard. You never really think about such things until it happens! Been thinking about getting soil to fill in the compacted earth along one side of the house. But really wary about ordering "top soil". Heard one guy say that he knew a guy that mixed sand with sludge from a sewer plant and sold it as top soil. But an opportunity arose. Down the street from my house a lot of construction was going on with lots of earth piled around. I kept eyeing it covetously. Then one morning when driving by to work, I saw dump trucks moving it out. Had to ask! And sure enough the foreman asked me if I lived nearby. Yes! He even asked me if I wanted what was being hauled out or top soil? So I got a dump truck to follow me back to my house and empty the contents on my driveway ... for free!

But then the real fun began. It took me 5 days not consecutively (had to take one night off for bowling) to haul that stuff over to the side of the house and around back. I felt sooooo lucky I didn't strain anything severly! Used my little red wagon with a descent sized plastic tube in it to haul it. Figured it might be better then buying a wheelbarrow. Now I just have to smooth it all out and hope grass grows on top of it. That may take another few days to work in some kind of fertilizer and seeds. ;) At least I've been loosing weight!

And then after that I get to go attack the nasty old garden in the back yard that has the poison ivy again. Eck. Can't wait! At least it will hopefully be cold enough to wear long sleeves and long pants.

Ya all take care, now!


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