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Prose! by Janell Rose
I am clearing bookcases where I have saved stacks of magazines - those really special ones I thought could not bear to part with because they were truly beautiful with Art and Prose. I found a stack of old IDEALS. This is from a 1957 Thanksgivng Edition - I think it still applies today.

Be Thankful!

When you wake up in the moring and watch the sun creep through
A dark and dismal flock of clouds that shaded it
from view.
And you listen for the song of birds that heralds each new day.
Than be thankful for your blessings and bow your head to pray.

Just say a simple, "Than you God, "for home and friends and neighbors,
But most of all say, "Thank you, "for the blessings of your labors.
Be thankful for your country and the freedom of this land
That allows a man to pick or choose the lifestyle he has planned.

Be thankful for the freedom to worship as you please
And know that family, home, will never be beseiged.
When the day has ended, and the sun sinks in the west,
Be thankful for a chance to say, "I've always had the best."
Margaret Bilbon
We have always had the best - I don't know of any member of our wonderful families that have not had some problems - but we do know we have always had the BEST. Thank you to all this wonderful family for letting me be a part and share in this family and your lives. Blessings to You.


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