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Tulsa trip by Jeff Tankersley
Janell- you seem to be correct that people are losing touch with Rosenose lately. According to unnamed sources in the family, it would seem that Facebook is becoming the favored medium for communication. I must consider myself technologically challenged, and have to admit that I have never seen Facebook, but I would really mourn the loss of this fine website that we have here. Enough said, maybe it is time to move on.?
I was in Tulsa last week, helping to clean out my parents house, that was sold and is scheduled to be closed on by the 20th of November. Cindy, Henry, and I (Leah was there the week before) spent the weekend, and more, going through the whole house and sorting things out. One of the bright spots of my stay was having Jim and Sandra stop by, out of the blue , for a visit. It was great fun to sit and chat with them. Sandra was her usual fun, and Jim seems to be taking well to retirement. We had a lot of fun reminiscing about 44th Street. I will certainly miss the great times that were had with family at that house.
My parents' new place is quite nice, and they are happy there. It is much closer to Henry and Cindy which makes things easier for all. The place provides great service and food, my only concern is that mom and dad will take too much advantage of the food part. It is actually a very nice place, and I think they will be there for a long time.
Our fall was absolutely beautiful. Very warm and dry. I'm sure the ski company is getting nervous, but actually it was snowing today, and is expected to continue for a couple of days.

Best wishes to all, and happy Thanksgiving!!!


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