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Guilty As Charged! by Carolyn Benton
Yes, I am one of the family members who love to read the posts on Rosenose but have always thought that no one would be interested in what I have to say. But no more!!! I will be a faithful correspondent.
As you may know, I am married to Russ Benton (the wonderful sweet man!). It is a joy to wake up each morning and get to spend another day with him. Alright, Phil and Joe. Quit snickering!
We are in the midst of a very warm, dry autumn here in Arkansas. You may not know this about me but I love flowers, shrubs and gardens. As a result, I have had to do a lot of watering this summer. Luckily, I have only lost one boxwood. We have planted a late garden which consists of turnips and Austrian winter peas (for the deer). Yes, that is a hobby of ours. Feeding and watching the deer. They love the Austrian winter peas (nip them when the peas first sprout) but do not care for the turnips. Oh yes, they love pansies and hostas. My poor hostas didn't stand a chance this year. We have a herd of five to twelve at any given time. I think they know that our yard is a sanctuary during hunting season because they visit us every night.
We have been involved in several projects this summer. We have built two fishing docks in our pond which involved pumping the water out of the pond so that we could set the piers. We pumped water all one weekend. (We didn't realize the pond was that deep.) Now, we're just waiting on the rain to fill it back up. This week, we have been patio near the pond and after that, we are making a trail to connect everything to the house. We are excited about getting everything finished.
I have to change to subject and ask a few talented girls about something I learned Friday night. We (Russ, Joe, Linda and I) went out to eat with Caty (Paul and Eileen's darling girl). She was recounting the story about Sandra and Patricia filling Joe's bath water with delicious smelling bath oil. And also, making a tasty sandwich for Joe. (I believe it had shaving creme for mayonaise.) Then Joe related how that when everyone come home to visit Granddad and Grandmother Rose, the younger folks would put on a show for entertainment. Some of the girls (I'm not naming Sandra and Patricia) would hang a sheet in the doorway and set up a light and hooray, it was Broadway!!!! At least that's the way Joe described it. Does that sound familiar to anyone? I think we should have an encore performance at our next family reunion. Speaking of family reunion, when are we planning on having another one? When Russ and I get a few more projects done, we're going to invite everyone to Greenbrier for a reunion. In the meantime, Lake DeGray has a wonderful lodge with lots of lodging options and is just a beautiful place. Russ and I spent his birthday there last year and enjoyed it immensely. We even went on a trail ride by horseback. I think I'm what you would call a "greenhorn".
Well, this is a sample of my chatter and I hope it hasn't bored you to death. Seriously, we love the Rosenose and would like to see more news posted.
Love you all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Russ and Carolyn


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