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Visting home by Leah Jean
Yes, I went home to visit Mom and Dad (Judy and Hank) and to help clean out the house. I was supposed to time it so Jeff was there too but he kept changing his mind about when he was going to show up (ya, bum!). ;) So I ended up flying back to Maryland the very afternoon while he was driving down from Colorado.

It was a good trip. Got to spend some time with Mom and Dad. Their new home seemed good. Dad definitely appreciated the better food. But he sure didn't like the smaller refrigerator with a small freezer. Couldn't keep any ice cream in it. [Dad is a serious sugaraholic.] Oh well. At least he has plenty of room to keep cookies ... when someone would take him on a cookie run to a local store. I got to do that while I was there. The man does love his cookies! :)

Unfortunately didn't get a lot of time to spend on the house. Henry and I did have some fun going thru some old letters and what-nots that Mom had saved. She'd even saved our old old report cards from elementary school! Eh gads! But we had a bit of a laugh over some things. Like when Cindy used to send letters home and she'd sign them with a signature pair of "lips". Kind of like the old Rolling Stone icon without the tongue. Cindy always was a bit of an artist. Henry also showed off some of his antiques to me which is always interesting and sometimes just amazing.

The most fun though was when Henry, Cindy, Julia (Cindy's daughter), and I went out to eat one evening. I started oohing and aaahing at some of the downtown architecture so they ended up driving me around and showing off some of the cool buildings in Tulsa, new and redone. Really amazing stuff! Wished the "blue lights" down at the convention center were turned on though. They said that they really look beautiful at night.

Well, better get back to work.



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