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Hank and Judy's address by Jeff Tankersley
Hello to all, and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Our turkey day was pretty calm and nice, with six of us having a beautiful traditional meal prepared by Jodi and myself. Of course the sweet potato casserole recipe that Janell put on here was used and enjoyed, along with a large turkey that we roasted on our outdoor grill after Jodi had brined it- delicious! T and his girlfriend, Jodi's brother, and another friend joined us for the afternoon meal, and then Wii bowling!

What has happened to those Cowboys? And the Broncos? Oh well, at least OU will be in the Big Twelve Championship. Sorry, Texas.

I haven't spoken to Henry in a couple of weeks, and forget to ask Cindy about whether the folks house has closed, I suppose that it has. Mom and dad's new address is --
Hank and Judy Tankersley
1340 East 61st Street #114
Tulsa, OK 74136

We got a Christmas tree at the nursery on Sunday and put it up. It is a beautiful Noble pine- just a gorgeous tree, but I hope we weren't too early. We have a permit to go into the woods and cut one, also, but we will probably use that one for garland and wreaths around the house. It's fun to go out hiking around in the woods and cutting trees with friends- and maybe a little hot chocolate and schnapps.

I guess it is about bedtime, so I would love to wish all a wonderful holiday, and the best of winter seasons--
Love, Jeff


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