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Happy New Year! by Leah Jean
Given the snow fall last year and the fear with which we up here in Maryland follow the forecast, some intrepid historian from work uncovered the below lyrics. It was done many years ago and still holds true to day.

The words are too be sung to the tune "Silver Bells". BTW, "32", "Parkway" and "Greenbelt" are all references to the major highways near work. So feel free to substitute in your own names or numbers if you wish. :)

Whispy traces, frightened faces, search an ominous sky;
In the air there's a feeling of snowfall.
Sense the panic, feel the manic, as we swarm to our cars,
And on ev-er-y newscast you'll hear:

32! 32! Snow panic time on the Parkway.
Greenbelt Road, overload; snow started falling today.

People pour out, clean the stores out, buy the last drop of milk.
Better close all the schools 'til it's melted!
Traffic gridlock, drive on sidewalks, plow pedestrians down!
And amidst all the messes you'll see:

[chorus again!]

Enjoy the season!


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