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Lovely weather by Leah Jean
Hope that all of you down in the Oklahoma area have recovered from the heavy duty snow. Fortunately that weather system managed to only dump rain on us up here in Maryland. Whew! They were predicting ice.

But today we are going for a recording breaking 70 degrees! Yesterday I stayed home because an electrician came over and it was a balmy 69. Had the house all opened up. But I was too busy inside doing some stuff while the electrician was around so I didn't go outside to play. Unfortunately that probably would have meant chopping up broken tree limbs anyway. That can be saved for colder weather.

I have been wanting to check something with all you Foses anyway. Does vericose veins desease run in the family? Apparently I have it and Cindy has always had trouble with her legs. Cindy also says that Grandmother had problems with her legs too.

Let me explain this disease though for those of you, like me, who had no clue before. Most people think that vericose veins are something that develop in certain people's legs because of their lifestyle. That's what I thought anyway. Now I know it is a disease. [Also didn't realize that the term "disease" encompassed such things as conditions like "heart disease". In otherwords any condition that debilitates the body can be a disease. It doesn't just cover getting a "bug".] I found out about my condition because I went to the docs to have an area checked on my knee that sometimes swells and looks like bulging intertwined veins. The doctor explained that this is caused by veins that don't work right. Normally there are valves in veins that allow blood to only flow one way. When they don't work right, blood has a tendency not to flow and can pool in lower extremities of the body ... like your legs and feet. Over time this causes veins to bulge. And it can cause legs to get achy and sore due to poor circulation. But the doc said that athletic people may show the symptoms but not feel the aches like other less active people do. That's why I've never noticed the achiness. Usually too busy dealing with achiness from over doing it now and then. ;)

But now I have to wear a compression hose on my left leg for 3 months during the day before they can try to remedy the oversized veins in my left leg. For some reason insurance companies won't pay unless this is done. Just glad they found the problem in the winter because putting on these really tight hose in the summer time (legs not perfectly dry) could be really obnoxious.

BTW, the doc said that this condition is hereditary. ;) So anyone else having problems or already been diagnosed?



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