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Hank's 90th by Janell Rose
Yes Jeff, we are still here - I keep checking and NO ONE writing. I wish we would get back to using this site. JR and I have been talking about going to Tulsa for the past month and had sort of thought would go the middle of April. Can not hardly get him to go anywhere these days - so he sure would not make two trips a month apart. Sybil called Thursday and wants us to meet in Tulsa for the Birthday Party and we also heard from Russ & Carolyn. Carolyn had mentioned one time before that maybe we could all meet at one hotel. So - do you know any hotels near where Judy and Hank are living. IF so - maybe you can give us the information and we can make reservations. If we could rent a Suite - we could maybe meet at the hotel. JR and I went to see Carolyn at Port Aransas last November and on the way back we had to stop at a Marriott where the only thing we could rent was a large suite. It had a kitchen, refrig. etc. and we sure could have had a reunion in that place. So - any ideas you can come up with - please post on RoseNose. Yes - we want to come - so lets get the ball rolling. We may have to post a note on Facebook to let other people know. Happy Spring to all the family and sending much love. (It is definitely Spring in TX - the Pears have already bloomed and gone to full leaf like all our trees, JR has cut the grass the first time - bluebonnets have bloomed and showing traces of leaving - today we went to a couple Estate Sales, I saw Iris in bloom everywhere and those beautiful Rose bushes - if Spring has not come to your area, hope it is not far behind.) JR and Janell


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