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Uncle Hank's birthday by Russ and Carolyn Benton
We're so glad to hear from some of the family and are excited about a "mini" family reunion for Uncle Hank's birthday. I look at Rosenose every day and are disappointed when no one writes. O.K. I know you're thinking that I could be posting messages and you're right. However, I work for a cruel taskmaster (my husband) who keeps my nose to the grindstone every day. Just kidding!!!!!!!!!! Anyone that knows Russ will tell you that he is the most wonderful husband in the world.

But back to the subject, Russ and I are planning on coming to Tulsa for Uncle Hank's birthday and are looking forward to it. As Aunt Janell mentioned, we would like to book a room at the same motel as the rest of the family. We will watch Rosenose for more information and will start practicing my singing for a special "Happy Birthday" to Uncle Hank.

Love you all,
Russ and Carolyn


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