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Tulsa by Janell Rose
Jeff, I would get on the web and look as well - but don't know what area is near your parents. Talking about snow - had an Email from my Brother in Flagstaff today - he said was going out to "shovel snow" they had about a foot of snow fall last night. That sounds so strange - this evening we have a Spring Storm forecast for our area with hail. Hope they are wrong. We have just had a good weekend after visiting the Hensy's in Keller yesterday to celebrate Paul's 50th. Birthday which will be Monday. Eileen made the most wonderful dinner with one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever eaten. Caty came in from Hendrix College at Conway with two friends and Jaclyn from UT. All the girls were headed back to Conway and Austin today to finish the college year.
We toured Paul and Eileen's garden and were quite envious - all their plants are up - they have been eating from the garden for over a month, spinach, swiss chard, onions - she brought us some of the best asparagus last week. So tender - not like what we get from the store. They have little tiny tomatoes on their plants. We so would like to have a big garden area.
OK - will watch RoseNose for some hints on hotels and then make reservations.


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