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Happy New Year (?)! by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on January 02, 2005 at 15:53:46:

Actually, we had a pretty good start to the New Year. Our weather had a high of near 70! Daryl told me that the golf courses were very slow and very crowded. In fact the place he went was over booked. But he didn't care too much since it was just good to be out! I went out and trimmed a few flowers and bushes in the gardens that have needed it. Especially if the weather decides to do any significant snowing this year; we will need those areas to deposit snow. But so far we haven't really had anything of significance. But it is still early. ;-)

And speaking of snow, Janell, I know what you mean about Texans not knowing how to drive in snow. I used to leave in San Antonio (down near the Mexican border) and it unbelievably snowed about 3 or 4 inches one year. And you know they didn't have any equipment or supplies to deal with such a rare occurence. First of all, you have to picture San Antonio. At the time I was there it was like the 4th largest city in the U.S. with over 1 million population and with a fairly large percentage of hispanics who came up from Mexico. And I'm sure you can imagine how much they knew about driving in snow. Well, there was about 200 fender benders the first day and I think it was over 100 the next day! The city is so large that it actually has two "beltways" (expressways that circle the city) one inner and one outer. They closed those suckers because there were too many wrecks! Fortunately it had started snowing Friday night so most people stayed at home over the weekend. I remember going out and pushing around a few cars in our apartment complex because the big idiots got stuck trying to go up a rather large hill.

An "interesting" thing happened last Thursday. Daryl came home about 7:00 to tell me that there was an ambulance, firetruck, and police car parked next door at our neighbors. And someone was laying on their driveway. Geez. [We found out later that our neighbors were in Florida.] So we went out to see if we could find anything out. Nope. So the next beautifully warm day I was out gardening and I got to talk to a few other neighbors. Robert, who was kind of in the thick of the happenings, said that our neighbors have an alcoholic son. [Uh, oh.] And Robert thinks that the son was kicked out of his apt. and someone had dropped him off at his parent's house with all his belongings (which were all over the driveway). I guess the son had been sleeping on the back porch but somebody must have called 911. Anyway, the son apparently wasn't in too good of condition so I guess he was being worked on in the ambulance last we saw. But he wasn't in too bad of shape because the he was back the next day bugging our Robert about getting a key to his parent's house. [Robert told us that he'd contacted our neighbors and Jack had told him that he didn't want that son in his house.] Later that day, another neighbor Mark came by to see if Daryl was home to help him move and store some of the son's stuff that had been left lieing around. He wanted to put some of it in our garage (since we lived next door). Daryl wasn't home, but I keep a "little red wagon" for carrying my gardening tools, etc. around so it came in real handy that day (the stuff was heavy). Now we just have to wait for our neighbors to come back from Florida so we can find out what to do with the stuff. Sigh. At least that happened in the "old year" so hopefully it didn't taint the new one. ;-)

Here's hoping that you all keep having nice weather and enjoying your comfortable (and in some cases rather crowded) homes into the new year!



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