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Tulsa in May by Jeff Tankersley
Hello to all-
I have made absolutly no plans at all for my dad's birthday, other than talking to Cindy about staying with her and Julia (and the five week-old kitties)(that's five kitties, not five weeks old), at her house. Leah is going to show up. Everything else is up in the air. As for a place to meet, I don't know. The place where my parents are has a nice dining/ meeting area and courtyard, but I'm not sure how long they would be accomodating to a group of "outsiders".
What about Lafortune Park, if the weather is nice. People would have to bring food- I'm sure it would be no problem to find someone wiling to cook burgers and hot dogs. Or maybe something more simple, like a restaurant or something. I don't believe my parents will be up for partying too long, so wherever it is decided for everyone to meet, I can certainly bring them to and take them back home whenever it is needed. Whatever needs to be done. I'm also not sure how many people we are talking about, so I'm open to any and all suggestions. Also, it makes no differnce to me which day is decided on, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
What would everyone like to do?
Love- Jeff


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