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Tulsa by Janell Rose
Jeff, We are willing to do whatever everyone else wants to do. Only one thought - if it is on Friday - may be hard for people that "WORK" to get there for an afternoon party. JR and I have a pretty good drive from Dallas - when I looked at some hotels - we can not check in before 3:00 P.M. I know JR is going to be very tired after our drive and because of his car accident, he gets bad headaches when trying to do too much in one day. Angie suggested a hotel - I wonder if the hotel has a Suite with a kitchen where we could get together. When JR and I stayed at a hotel on the way back from Carolyn's in October - it had a FUll Kitchen with a Living Room area. It would have accomodated quite a few people. I don't know how many people we are talking about - maybe we could get a head count. As for a park - we don't know anything about Tulsa - We will be very glad to contribute for catering - Whatever everyone wants to do?????


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