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Tulsa by Janell Rose
Stacia, I can not believe you and Todd are going to do this - so wonderful of you. We will definitely contribute food and funds to this gathering to assist with expense.

Since you are offering to lend your yard - don't bother looking for a Suite Hotel. I was just trying to come up with a place large enough we could get the group together and we could all visit. That place JR and I stayed in on the way back from Carolyn's had a kitchen that was more than triple the size of ours in Irving - complete with full refrig., dishwasher, all the dishes, everthing. Plus lots of seating area - it would have definitely worked. I could not believe it after we checked in - JR ask me if we were going to stay a week? Of course we had to pay more, but believe me after hours of driving from Port Aransas - when we got past Waco - it was the only place we saw and we could NOT drive any longer.

You can not really visit at a restaurant - they want you to vacate the place after a short period of time. The park Jeff mentioned would work as well. Mainly, concerned for comfort of family members.

I will call you in a week or so and go over some things we can bring.

That is - if I am still surviving. I worked at the Grapevine Antique Mall to put in my one afternoon a month this past Sunday and was told before the end of April - we are going to have to empty, pack and box everything in our booth. If we had a place to put all that "STUFF" I would be quitting right now, but we don't have warehouse space - so going to have to warehouse at home for about a week. The Masons own the bldg. and they have decided to put down new carpet in the entire place. It will be nice when done but it is going to be a killing job. I may not be able t0 restock until after the Tusa trip. "Main Street Days" is May 13, 14, 15. (When they close the streets for 3 days and set up ART, Gift, Food Vendors, everything all through the middle of the streets. Sure was NOT planning on this upheaval in our lives.

We just had a terrible weather episode come through this evening. Eileen called from her Keller school and wanted to know if we had the storm. Her SUV was dented from the golf ball size hail. I talked with Paul a little later - concerned about their house as there was a lot of damage reported - the hail did not reach the other side of Keller. We were lucky, Irving got only about a 10-15 minute rain and a lot of lightning.

Everyone take care, Love, Jr and Janell


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