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Plan by Janell Rose
JR and I will start to Tulsa on Friday Morn. but can not promise anyone what time we will arrive. My Brother said he has never seen anyone else that can make the drive to Tulsa a 6 - 7 hour trip. JR will not just drive through - he has to get in and out of the van (at 85, I am not about to change him - lol.) Most of the time he insist on driving and he starts getting one of his really bad headaches when he does. We will look at making arrangements to stay at the DoubleTree as well. It may be that we will have to see Hank and Judy on Sat. and possibly miss the party but I can not get him to come on Thur. and stay more than Friday and Sat. night.

I made arrangements today for Andy's Babysitter. Really looking forward to seeing All the family and like Mary and Angie - we have never met Mr. Griffin. I bet he is walking!!!! Certainly going to be delighted to see Miss ZOE again AND of course everyone else. Love, JR and Janell.


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