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Wow! by Leah Jean
What have I been missing by not checking out the Rosenose. Shame on me!

It is so funny because I usually stay at the Doubletree Inn when in town because I like it and it was near the house Mom and Dad used to have. But I did something different last year. Unfortunately I got tired pf looking at hotels on the internet and finally selected one that had a good rating. But it turned out to be kind of far from Mom and Dad's assisted living place. And did someone mention Tulsa road construction? Well I learned after that last visit that I absolutely hate Tulsa traffic ... especially during rush hour ... with lots of road construction going on! I spent so much time just riding around in my car going back and forth between my hotel, Mom and Dad's and various other places. Did one emergency run for medication for Dad that had me in the car, waiting at the pharmacy, and then going over to Henry's due to a presciption mix-up. Ended up that the "emergency" was just a mixup with a person at the "home". I have since developed a very strong appreciation for Henry and what he has to do for Mom and Dad on a regular basis!

I think someone mentioned the Hilton over near Southern Hills? I think that's where I'm staying this time so I won't be so far from Mom and Dad.

That is soooooo cool that someone ... can't remember exactly who right now ... is having a get together on Saturday. I will certainly be there. So glad I changed my mind not to fly out on Saturday now. I just hope that we can get Mom and Dad to leave their living quarters. I'm sure Dad will love to get out but I do believe that Mom doesn't like to move around much anymore. It is understandable though since she can't remember where she is. It has got to be very disconcerting.

Well, hopefully we can bring a smile to their faces for one or two afternoons!

I'll keep better track of the info on Rosenose. And thanx, Jeff, for getting this started!



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