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Tulsa in May by Jeff Tankersley
Stacia, and all others-
I think your plans sound great. I am flying in on Thursday afternoon and will go over and visit my folks that evening. I don't think that they know much more than that Leah and I will be in town for the weekend to see them. I figure that we will just hang out at their place on Friday afternoon, say noon to five or six (or whenever), and anyone who wishes to stop by will be more than welcome. As for Friday, I'm sure that Hank and Judy would love to come over and see everyone at your house. With all due respect to Leah, mom loves to get out, after a little prodding to get her going. I usually take them out for a drive at least once on my visits, just to see the old neighborhoods, Tulsa parks and gardens, or whatever. She actually really enjoys it, and we have a good time. Dad just wants to go shopping (his favorite pastime of the last decade or two).
Today was the first sunny day we've had in almost two weeks. The ski slopes closed last Sunday, with lots of snow left, and it has been raining/ snowing ever since. I can't wait to get somewhere a little warmer, and hopefully drier.
See you all soon-
Love, Jeff


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