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Party by Leah Jean
Jeff, I hope that you are right about Mom. You've definitely spent more time with her in the last few years then I have. And you are much better at proding. But it probably also depends on how they are feeling too. But I would hope that Mom wants to spend time with the rest of her family so she would be willing to get out without too much fuss.

One warning about Dad. Please have a few things that are a bit softer to eat. He doesn't chew so well anymore. But he will probably be happy if there's just candy and brownies. Can't remember if he handles nuts okay or not. I think there were issues with candy with nuts in it. Maybe some of you others know about those kinds of things better than I. Hopefully not from experience but more from knowing others who don't have many teeth left. :)

Stacia, I guess I will wait and get your address from Cindy or Henry once I get there.

One other thing. The room that Mom and Dad live in is pretty small and rather crowded with stuff. Guess I need to call Henry and see if he can get us someplace else in the assisted living home to use during Friday. Eh gads, I wish that man had an answering machine.

See you all soon!


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