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Counting down to reunions by Leah Jean

Just a few last minute thoughts concerning Dad's B'day/family reunion thingee.

Talked to Henry about a few things and he said that if it gets too crowded in Mom and Dad's (Judy and Hank's) little apartment on Friday we can probably go out into the building's main area. Or we could just enjoy a cozy time in Hank and Judy's place. :)

Just in case anybody is thinking about getting Hank a present, please don't bother. They live in a tiny apartment and they had to cut down drastically on what they could take with them from the old house. But if you really feel the urge, a small box of candy or cookies would definitely be appreciated. Dad is a serious "sugaraholic" so any sweet items will definitely be eaten. Again, just make sure they are something fairly soft.

See ya all in a day or two!


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