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This Weekend by Stacia
It was so wonderful to see everyone - despite the heat, I think everyone survived with smiles on their faces! So glad so many were able to come!

The dishes that were brought were superb - however, next time we need to mark them. Several people have asked me who brought what (I suspect recipe requests are next!) The salads and snacks were delicious - I am still enjoying some left behind! Yum!

Speaking of left behind, I have stumbled across a few items. There was a lovely white platter left behind - it was used to serve the strawberry roll cakes. Also, the chocolate sheet cake with the walnut frosting had a plastic service tray under it (Linda R.??). I found a green Nike hat as well, and I believe I have Julie VW's strainer and bowl in a very nice sack! ;)

I hope everyone made it home safely - our visit was much too short, but so very much needed! Take care and have a great week!


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