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Thanx for the memories by Leah Jean
For some reason that old Bob Hope theme song just came to mind after attending the reunion. It kinda sums it up.

Best desert: Hmmmmm. A toss-up between the yellow pie/cake that was entitle "s-e-x (and whatever)", Sybil's pie, and the brownie kind of stuff. I will have to exercise vigorously all week to make up for sampling all!

Best laugh: All of those confetti eggs being cracked on everybody's head. I sure was surprised! :)

Best hugs: Sorry, got to play the immediately family card here ... my parents.

Proudest of: Jeffrey, for getting the ball rolling on what turned out to be a wonderful family reunion and celebration of my dad's 90th B'day.

Biggest thrill: Seeing Sandra looking good. [Yes, Sandra. After all the tales of health issues, plane trips, and medical procedures I was very happily surprise to see that you looked pretty d*** good to me. [No lies here!]

Best overall memory: Henry and Patricia taking swings at the pinata!

Biggest thanx to Stacia and hubby for having a wonderful house, wonderful barbeque (yum!), and being the most happy and loving host and hostess ever. And having a pinata was sooooooo cool!



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