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Happy 85th by Janell Rose
Thanks for the Birthday notes - I printed them for JR. Stacia and Zoe - Thanks for the Birthday Song. Stacia, when you called - my heart leaped - I Thought you might be at the Hotel and headed our way. Big Disappointment.

JR had a wonderful 85th Birthday and we had terrific guest. Russ and Carolyn arrived Monday afternoon with cookies from Corner Bakery. Carolyn and Kent came Sunday Night and stayed till Wed. Morn. Zachary arrived Monday Noon - his Dad's Birthday was the 19th so he stayed to spend Birthday and Father's Day with his Dad. He is staying with us until Thursday.

Sunday Night we had a Pizza Fest with Paul, Eileen, Caty, Jaclyn, Carolyn, Kent, JR and I and visited late - reminded me of some our late night sessions Sandra. My Brother called around 8:00 P.M. - I walked away to answer the phone and could hardly hear him for the roaring and racket around our dining table. Really LOUD. My Brother sak, "what has that bunch been drinking?" Nothing but Coffee and Tea. We had a new game called "Things" and it turned out to be riot. If you have not tried this game - you need to get a big group together and play the game. We would have played again Monday night when Russ and Carolyn came - but the entire Group EXCEPT JR and I went to the Rangers game. TOO HOT for us. They got back late and it was bedtime.

Tuesday was JR's Birthday - We had nearly 20 - as added some neighbors into the commotion. I had really intended to also invite some of our friends from the Antique Mall but JR has not been feeling well lately - I decided this was about all he could handle and we would get together with that group in the Fall when it is MUCH cooler in TX.

To fill you in - JR has had one time when he said everything turned black, he felt his knees buckling and he leaned over his work bench and held on breathing real hard to get his breath. Then a couple days later he was out front using a little hand edger - he thought he was going to faint and wobbled over to the stone edging around our yard and sat down. He has had two more of these short of breath fainting like spells - one last Friday. Of course - he has been upset with me - if you know him well - he does not like going to a Doctor. I made him appointments - he has seen his Primary Care Doctor who set up appointment with my Cardio Doctor and also had a Carotid Artery Scan and a CT Scan of his head (his Dr. wanted an MRI but said with all the metal plates JR has in his head/eye from the car accident that it would only be shattered images.) His Primary Care Dr, was checking for stroke symptons. Then he saw my Cardio Dr. EKG's, etc. this past week and starting today on Wed. the 22nd. he is going to wear a Halter Monitor from CardioNet for 14 Days - NOT Happy about this. Both his Primary Care Dr. and the Cardio Dr. have told JR he may need a pacemaker. In the meantime - I am trying to keep him "sort of" quiet - out of the heat and not doing much in the yard - which is nearly an impossibility.

Right now - we have a man from State Farm on our Roof - we had a terrible hail about 5 weeks ago - State Farm had so many homes to inspect they are just now getting to us - all the homes around us have had roof totalled. We had baseball size hail. Never in our lives saw such hail falling and cracking in the street - car windows were broken all over Irving and we have had over 40 contacts from roofers. For a month - every weekend there has been a pickup truck with a ladder on streets with roofers knocking on doors. And the phone keeps ringing. They have crawled out of the woodowrk.

OK - the Insurance Adjuster is coming down and the Cardionet is calling with instructions.

Have wonderful Days Dear Family and try to stay out of the heat. Love, JR and Janell


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