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Leah, loved your Adventure with the Kayak. I would not dare get in a Kayak. Our daughter Carolyn does Kayak and bought one that resides on her small back deck - she is at Ingleside near Rockport and Port Aransas. It is not very big and frankly I don't think appears very safe to me. But what do I know. IF I am going to get in the water - I want a big boat around me as I can not swim.
I have a request - I mailed a letter and pkg. to your Dear Parents and it came back. They have moved about 3 times and I can not keep up. Would you please put their Current Address on RoseNose for me. Thanks. And Yes, we are buring up - now have over 30 days of over 100 Temps. I don't think Oklahoma is any better tho - they seem to be having the same temps - except we may not be quite so humid. Eileen and Paul made a trip to Tulsa a couple weeks ago just overnite for Paul's Mother's Memorial Service and Eileen said the trip was miserable. All of Paul's family was at his Father's so they did not have the time to visit anyone else.

Was great to see you and all the rest of the family at the Reunion. So grateful to Todd & Stacia for their hospitality.


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