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Safety ain't my middle name by Leah Jean
Cute, Patricia, cute. I never really thought about it that way. :)

Fortunately the hurricane (it was a category 1) did cause us some grief but it wasn't as bad as another one we had several years ago. Fortunately I don't live close to the ocean. But my electricity was out for about 24 hours. Let's just say that I cleaned out the spoilable foods in the refrigerator pretty well. [Burp.] Fortunately the food in the freezer managed to stay just a little bit frozen to the end. But my fruit popcicles got a little deformed. At least I ate 3 of them (not very big) before they got too soft. [Yum!]

Fortunately I had checked out a pretty good book from the local library so it prtty much replaced my T.V. addiction. But I did keep trying to reach for the remote whenever I entered the kitchen. I even did an "Abe Lincoln" and read by candle light for a little over an hour last night. Just couldn't put the book down! It was a little uncomfortable having to hold the book close up to the candles (3 of them) but it was doable. Just had to be careful not to lean in too close or I would have gotten my hair singed!

Fortunately no major trees or limbs fell down in the yard. Yeah! But, man, there are a ton of little broken up limbs! [Lots of big trees in my neighborhood.] Perhaps because of the high winds the dead limbs got beaten around in the trees before making it to the ground so they got all broken up. Makes it a bit more tedious to clean up a yard though.

But the weather was absolutely gorgeous the day after: cooler and drier ... but still pretty windy. The temps were really helpful too since a lot of houses were without electricity and therefore AC. But by evening even the wind had died down. And the skies were so blue and cleaned out. Eh, but that won't take long to change around here. Oh well.



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